Please make sure to read and understand Terms of Use before use.

What is allowed?

  1. Use as description image on the websites (Websites / News sites / Article sites / Blogs / SNS)

  2. Use as description image in advertising and promotion material (Posters / Fliers / Magazine ads / Newspaper ads / App ads / POP / DM)

  3. Production packages / News articles / Magazines, books / Presentation, samples / Digital contents, apps / Mail magazines / Catalogues etc.

  4. Use in the broadcasting, video distribution (TV programs / TVCM / Digital signage / Train channels / Videos for events / Shop fronts etc.)

  5. Sale of templates of all kinds and sale of certain products such as T-shirts, mugs, postcards, greeting cards, stickers incl. wall stickers etc. and stamps (However, it is limited to the edited photos)

  6. Personal use

  7. Attribution is not required.

What is not allowed?

  1. Selling or distributing unaltered copies of the Content e.g. as a poster, print or on a physical product without making required alteration set forth below.

    1. Incorporating the Content in the design to ensure that any third party will not separate or download the Content itself; or

    2. Adding text or simple montages over the Content.

  2. Use in obscene content or against public policy and good morals

    1. Use as or in logos, service marks, or any other object, which is subject to any legal right such as trademarks or designs etc.

      1. Use in adult-entertainment business, pornography, sexually explicit contents, dating site or any other equivalents

        1. Use related to gangsters, terrorists or any other antisocial forces or any equivalent thereto

          1. Use which leads, or would lead, to defamation, libel, abuse, violation of rights or disrepute of the creator/licensor or the subject of the Content such as models, including, but not limited to, those which resulted from alteration or distorting etc. of the Content or subject of the Content

            1. Use, without obtaining appropriate approval from Pixta, the Content in any business or service competing with Pixta’s business or service, including, but not limited to, the items below:

              1. Running or operating stock photography or stock content provider business

              2. Distributing or adding the Content as material contained in a collection of contents such as CD, DVD, software or the like

              3. Distributing the Content as material, digitally or physically, for users to use for any purpose; or

              4. Distributing the Content in any manner that users are permitted to make free alteration to the Content itself as material.

            2. Plagiarizing or use which would be regarded as plagiarism of the Content, including the use in which the Content is publicized or published with being misunderstood as though it is a work by any person other than the original author or the legitimate copyright holder

              1. Resale, assignment or sublicensing of the Content downloaded from the Service to any third party, with or without compensation

                1. Use in any manner giving impression that the subject of the Content is using or endorsing a particular business transaction, product or service with the effects as if it is real through adopting the dialogue balloons, adding false personal information (age, name, etc.) or any other way in the design

                  1. Use related to any of the following sensitive subject, except in cases where the Content expressly depicts such sensitive subject: Physical or psychological disabilities or diseases, drug, tobacco, energy enhancement medicine, violence (including, but not limited to, domestic violence, abuse or bullying), infertility, birth control, abortion, sex-changes, homosexuality, gambling, pinball (Pachinko), consumer financing, cosmetic surgery, a portrait of a deceased person, or any other subject in which the subject of the Content may be found offensive or unpleasant

                    1. Use giving an impression that the subject of the Content belongs to, endorses, or gives an opinion for or against, any particular religion, political party (politics), thought, or the like

                      1. Use by which subject of the Content may be found offensive or unpleasant as a result of emphasizing his or her physical features

                        1. Use of the Content or subject of the Content in a fallacious content, in a manner which may cause a misconception, in relation to fraud defamation, or in any other illegal content or context

                          For more details, please refer to the Terms of Use.